Vismara V50 Mills is coming to the European market


Next May a new model of Vismara is going to arrive to the European market.

Thanks to the passion of a german ship owner, after more than 30 years of high technology product, engineering and advanced materials Vismara, together with Cose Belle d’Italia, is going to have the honour to attend and compete at the international market with Vismara V50 Mills, through wich they are exporting abroad our superb way-to-build ships, in order to compete with best worldwide ship builder’s company.

New Vismara V50 Mills comes from hard working, researching and planning of Vismara Marinee Mills Yacht Design team. A light displacement cruise ship, perfect for medium light wind performance, as well as desired by the ship owner, who was looking for simplicity.

Originals and pleasant water lines for a UT700 carbon fiber sandwich and epoxy resin at 24 hours controlled temperature in order to assure the maximum of comfort on Mediterranean voyage.


True refined combination of elements outcome of the best Made in Italy’s style has been possibile thanks to the four handed collaboration with the ship owner especially careful for interior volumes.

Taking account of long sailing they planned two queen size bed cabin and a technical compartment in the aft able to host a cozy single cabin as well.

Simplicity on handling with a reduced crew and linear deck have always been Vismara’s trade mark; the company, preparing his models as a sign of excellence, could not manage to get what they wanted without the basic contribution of Cose Belle d’Italia, a company able to express to the best better Made in Italy with buying, safeguarding and valueing those elements of our national market expression of our engineering genius, is really a master in exalting beauty, culture and “bel vivere” of our wonderful country.

Vismara Marine