Our story

Since 1984, Vismara’s history has been marked by its continuing tendency to innovate, without ever resting on our laurels.

This is a route mapped out by our designer, Alessandro Vismara, naval architect who specialised in Applied Hydrodynamics and Performance Prediction at Southampton College of Higher Education. Vismara’s roots start with Perini Navi and fortified in 1990 with Baltic Yachts, for which it is still the reference point when it comes to conceptualisation and assistance in the Mediterranean.

Our Signature

We provide a firm guide for people who are experts in the sea and in the art of creating and building. A serious world of technical knowledge, product culture and ethical attitude to work.
We put our whole selves into our work, because our personal involvement is the best guarantee of your satisfaction. This work is also our life and our sacrifices are paid back by the satisfaction we get from your appreciation. That is what pushes us to continue to improve and to invest in our business, even during difficult times


Family feeling
Cordial helpfulness when managing relations with customers.
We are correct and professional when it comes to developing our work.
Organisational model
The organisational framework is based on the direct relationship with the customer, who remains involved at all levels.

Human resources

The company framework is based on people and not on a top down organisational setup: customers can interact directly with any member of the team following the building or refit of their boat, step by step. If the vision of the people working is the same as the company model and they are modest enough to want to work for the project, the customer and the others involved, then the result is a truly professional team. Added value, from people. A company that is able to accept the challenges of innovation and certification are able to look well ahead. In-house and external skilled workers grow with us and with our customers, in the quest for increasingly better relations and quality, investing in time and believing in long-term relations.

International Certification

Production cycle Iso 9001 - Vision 2000
Erp - Enterprise Resource Program


Vismara owners are the actual wealth of the company. They are the ones with the dreams that Vismara has helped to make come true with concrete designs that interpret their love of the sea and seafaring. Customers’ creativity and the ability to work with us, their openness to exploring new solutions that they themselves have thought up, under the guidance of our professional skills and experience, have all made it possible to establish solid, authentic relations over time.

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