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Since 1984, Vismara’s history has been marked by its continuing tendency to innovate in the world of luxury yachts, without ever resting on our laurels.

This is a route mapped out by our designer, Alessandro Vismara, naval architect who specialised in Applied Hydrodynamics and Performance Prediction at Southampton College of Higher Education.

Vismara’s roots start with Perini Navi and fortified in 1990 with Baltic Yachts, for which it is still the reference point when it comes to conceptualisation and assistance in the Mediterranean.


In a midmorning summer, in front of the Vismara Marine spa in Viareggio, was launch the new project of innovation, first of the new pret-a-porter line...
Vismara Marine is pleased to invite you to the next Yachting Festival Cannes, from 8 to the 13 September 2015. For more information: info@vismaramarin...
For all boating lovers Elbalbe stands for a tour around Elba, for Vismara two triumphs in just one day. Viareggio’s company has won the race with t...
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